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About PMRCC.

The PMRCC, as a National Reporting Organization (NRO), had been newly formed last 22 November 2018 consisting of three (3) Parent Organizations and five (5) Associate Organizations. The Parent Organizations are the Geological Society of the Philippines (GSP), Society of Metallurgical Engineers of the Philippines (SMEP) and the Philippine Society of Mining Engineers (PSEM) while the Associate Organizations are the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines (COMP), Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), Philippine Mining and Exploration Association (PMEA), Philippine Chamber of Coal Mines (PHILCOAL) and Philippines-Australia Business Council (PABC).


The above organizations adhere to the Philippine Mineral Reporting Code (PMRC) 2007 which was patterned mainly after JORC 2004 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) patterned after the Canadian NI 43-101.


With the support of the 3 Parent Organizations, the PSE as the issuer of the PMRC 2007 has been implementing the Code since 2010.


There are now >140 Competent Persons consisting of geologists, metallurgical engineers and mining engineers.

Our Purpose
  • Maintain and improve the standards for the public reporting of Exploration Results (ER), Mineral Resources (MR) and Ore Reserves (OR) and metallurgical assessments and design related to mining in the Philippines; and

  • Ensure that the PMRC is aligned and substantially equivalent with internationally recognized reporting standards such as that of the CRIRSCO International Reporting Template 2013

  • The PMRCC shall be accountable to the Parent Organizations for its activities, and seeking ratification for all substantive decisions such as changes to the PMRC;

  • Set standards for public reporting of ER, MR and OR by mentoring the acceptance, usefulness and relevance of the PMRC, and proposing revised editions of the PMRC for approval of the appropriate regulatory agencies, where deemed appropriate;

  • Liaise and cooperate with regulatory agencies regarding the setting up and monitoring of standards of public reporting of ER, MR and OR;

  • Educate and provide guidance to compilers of ER, MR and OR reports and users of such compilations in the interpretation and application of the PMRC;

  • Promote and encourage as best practices the use of the PMRC, where applicable, for non-statutory circumstances;

  • Cooperate with other local, national and international organizations, agencies and institutions to foster the establishment of common national and international standards for the public reporting of ER, MR, and OR.

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