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PMRC 121, 237 AND 171 WEBINARS

February 21, 2021

PMRC 121, 237 and 171 Webinars were conducted during the 4th quarter of 2020 for the continued professional development of the competent persons, technical people and other stakeholders of the Philippine Mining Industry during the prolonged pandemic. Webinar support activities such as registration, payment, knowledge checks, evaluation/feedbacks and provision of certificates of attendance/completion continued to be undertaken online through our contractor, XPERTO.

The corporate sponsors for the 4th quarter webinars are as follows: Platinum - Nickel Asia Corporation (NAC), Masbate Gold Project (MGP), Carmen Copper Corporation (CCC), , Global Ferronickel Holdings Incorporated (GFNI), Philsaga Mining Corporation (PMC); and Bronze – TVI Resource Development (Phils.) Inc. (TVIRD), Philippine Chamber of Coal Mines Inc. (Philcoal) and CTP Construction and Mining Corporation (CTPCMC).

PMRC 121 - Valuing Rocks & Minerals: Mine Finance & Economics was held last November 11, 2020 from 1:00 -5:30 PM. This webinar was undertaken by the PMRCC in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers Company (PwC) and Quisumbing-Torres (Member Firm of Baker Mckenzie International). Two hundred fifteen (215) people participated in the webinar. The following presentations were made:

  1. Mining Trends and Developments by Mr. Ben Gargett & Mr. Dedy Lesmana, PwC Melbourne & Jakarta

  2. Introduction to PMRC & Listing/Disclosure Rules in the PSE by Atty. Dennis Quintero & Atty. Mae Vallada, Quisumbing Torres

  3. Valuing Mining Companies & Projects by Mary Jade Roxas-Divinagracia, Pocholo Domondon & Darwin Saribay, PwC Philippines

  4. Taxes & Other Regulatory Developments by Atty. Lawrence Biscocho, PwC Philippines

PMRC 237 - Metallurgical Accounting, Basic Principles and Main Applications was held on two (2) successive Thursdays last November 19 and 26, 2020 from 1:00 -5:45 PM. This Professional Lecture Series was conducted by SMEP and CASPEO.

There were 142 people who participated in the PMRC 237 webinar, consisting of professionals from various fields of expertise. Some of the attendees were Metallurgical Engineers, Mining Engineers, Geologists, Chemists, Mine accountants, finance executives, and mining company executives, to list a few.

For the first Thursday session, the speaker was the Managing Director of CASPEO, Stéphane Brochot, who gave talks about the following topics:

• Introduction to Metallurgical Accounting and Importance of Metal Accounting

• Data Reconciliation and Improvement Measurement and Sampling

The second and last Thursday session speaker was the Co-Managing Director of CASPEO, Marie-Véronique Durance, who talked about the following topics:

• Inventory tracking, Stock management and Inventory, Periodicity and Scenarios

• Data and metal accounting report, Data workflow and validation, Data storage and information system, Generation of a metallurgical accounting report

PMRC 171 – Managing your Competent Person (CP) Career was held last December 11, 2020 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM. Seventy-five (75) persons attended the webinar, majority of which were CPs. Opening Remarks were provided by Engr. Roger de Dios, who shared his experiences highlighting integrity in the profession. Closing Remarks were provided by Engr. Federico Monsada who summed up the proceedings. The following presentations were made:

• Ethical Practice Among CPs & in the Minerals & Energy Industries by Engr. Rufino Bomasang of Philcoal and PRB, Mining Engineering Chairperson

• Competent Persons’ Professional Responsibilities & Liabilities by James Llorca, Medusa Mining, Ltd

• Tips for Competent Persons as Consultants by Ciceron Angeles Jr., PMRCC

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